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Third Grade English Debate

On February 24th and 25th, the third year class participated in an English debate. The topic was “AI teachers are better than real teachers.” They were divided into teams and given the affirmative or opposition side. The students had been preparing for this debate for quite some time, having done a debate on the same topic a couple weeks previously. 

Because the debate took place over the course of two days, many students had the opportunity to observe their peers. Some students were even able to participate by keeping track of the time and assisting with judging.

Following the debate, the students took the time to reflect on their experiences and what they had learned. 

No. 32

I learned a lot of things through English today’s English debate. It was important to use simple English, to speak with a loud voice, and to talk with my team. A lot of students know that they should use simple English and speak with a loud voice, but they couldn’t do that because they were getting nervous and didn’t adjust to explain their opinions. Many students used difficult words when they explained their opinions. So, the opposing side couldn’t understand their opinions and think through some questions. Also, some students spoke with a little voice because they were speaking while looking at a paper. If you want to explain important points, I think that you should look at the opposing side’s eyes. I couldn't talk with my team. As a result, we wasted a lot of time and cooperation with my team members. Therefore, to explain your opinion, first you should use simple English, speak with a loud voice, and talk with your team. 

No. 2

I learned three important points in this debate. First, I supported my debate team. In this debate, we had a few minutes to think. So, it was difficult. I didn’t have a good idea because I was thinking alone. We thought about one topic! Second, I should use English in English class. For example, “let me discuss,” ``it is doubtful,” and “they said.” We understand these words because we studied them in teikt three. If we can do this, we will do better at debate. But I could use English better than the last debate. It was good! Third, we understood what they said. This debate had a few minutes. We spent a lot of time talking about what they said. It was not good. We did not say our argument correctly. It brought down my team points. If I did the debate again, I want to be careful about these three points from now on. 



My name is Katerina Davidsmeyer, but my nickname is KD. I am the new ALT here at Gokase Secondary School. I arrived in Gokase on October 18th, and I am already really enjoying the school and town. I have two younger sisters and one older sister. I am the one with short hair and glasses in the photo.

I'm from Jacksonville, Illinois in the United States of America. There, I also attended Illinois College, where I majored in International studies and Japanese culture and language. I am very interested in Japanese mythology, and film director Satoshi Kon.

I have two younger sisters and one older sister. I am the one with short hair and glasses.

This is my third time in Japan. In June of 2018, I presented research at BKC in Shiga. In spring 2019, I studied at Ritsumeikan in Kyoto for about five months. I am very happy to be back in Japan! KD

Zoom meeting with librarians and students


On December 10th, 2020, students from the library committee of Gokase secondary school and Miyazaki Nishi high school, as well as other school librarians had the privilege to interview three notable librarians from the Philippines over zoom to learn and share ideas about the library systems of both countries. The three Filipino librarians are Ms. Charito Basagre of La Salle Greenhills, who is the current president of the Philippine Association of School Librarians INC. (PSALI), Ms. Cristina Larracas of Colegio San Agustin, who is an ex-officio of the said association, and Mr. Jude Gorospe of Miriam College.

The students from both schools and the Japanese librarians all had the opportunity to ask a variety of questions about the library,research, and ICT. Some of the topics discussed were as follows: the importance of using books over the materials found online, how to choose the appropriate book to read, popular books among students, ways to collaborate with school teachers to enrich students’ education, and the current ICT environment in the library.

Also, all the participants had the chance to have an in-depth discussion during breakout session where they were divided into two groups: the students’ group and the school librarians’ group.

Overall, the interview and discussion were very informative, fruitful, and a great experience for everyone.

Oxford Students visit Gokase Secondary School!


On December 5th and 6th, our school was graced by the presence of two Oxford students who wished to expand their understanding of education by learning about the Japanese education system and by interacting with the students. These students were initially met by the 4thgraders’ students when they went to their study tour trip in Oxford early this year. 

The 2 students, named Sam and Amy, had a jam-packed activities to make their stay here in Gokase Secondary School worthwhile. They’ve interacted with all students from 1st graders to 6th graders doing various activities such as making mochi, English conversation, teaching math inEnglish, cooking lesson, participating in a research project, class observation and a lot more.

It was truly a memorable and a unique learning experience for everyone!